Tampa’s Best Pet Dog Grooming Services

Are you looking for Dog Grooming in Tampa?   Pooches Primp in “Grande Style” at Poodle Penthouse Inc.
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Hours by appointment only!

  • A Relaxing Holistic Approach To Pet Care!
  • While you Wait Service !
  • Each Pet Is Finished In About An Hour!
  • Exclusively For Dogs Under 20 lb.!
  • National Award Winning Certified Master Groomer!
  • Excellent Disinfection Standards.
  • No Cage Drying , Noisy Vacuums, Or Noisy Dryers !
  • No Collars Or Nooses Used, Only Custom Made Harnesses!
  • Beautiful Hand Made Bows , Bowties, & Bandannas!
  • 34 Years Professional Experience!
  • My Services Are Recommended By Veterinarians & Breeders!
  • I Do Not Accept Pets With Tangled Hair, Fleas, Or Ticks!
  • Boutique Dresses, Spa Products, Brushes, Combs, Colognes, and Gifts!

Bath Spa

This service includes a salon bath , Blueberry Facial, hand dried with warm air, full brush out for untangled coats, 5 minutes deshedding, gentle ear cleansing wash, nails shortened, cleansing mouthwash, and anal glands checked and cleaned if needed. Bows, bow ties, or bandannas available on request. It is recommended that ear hair plucking  is performed by your Veterinarian. I will remove hair away from the opening of the ear canal for better ventilation. $30. – $45. Only for dogs under 20 lbs.

Full Grooming Spa

This service includes the Bath Spa Package plus a hairstyle. All hairstyles are done by our Award Winning Certified Master Groomer, Suzanne. $50.-65.  See our “Full Grooming Spa ” Price List page! Only for dogs under 20 lbs.

Spa Upgrades

  • Luxurious Royal Treatment Spa $15. extra.
  • Nail Polish $10. extra
  • Clarity Spa Treatment for Allergies $15. extra.
  • Silk Treatment Spa for Long Flowing Coats $15. extra.
  • Hair color, Temporary $15. ,Permanent $35. extra.
  • Stenciled colored images ( hearts, flowers, etc…) $15. extra.
  • Hair Feathers $3. extra.